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Ad Review by DS 360: Ahmed Foods – Zaiqay Ki Zaban

According to Oscar Wilde, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Whatever inspires you leaves you with an urge to follow suit!

No offence! When are we going to learn the art of creativity and unique idea?

Ahmed Achar TVC

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Posted by Ad Mad Dude on Saturday, February 15, 2020

Although, a lot of our Pakistani ads are influenced by Indian ads, this time it’s a copy paste of Indian concept. Yes! It is.

After HBL, Ahmed Foods’ recent TVC “Zaiqay ki Zaban” is copy pasted from KFC Indian ad and MakeMyTrip ad featuring Ranveer Singh and Alia Butt. The only difference is the industry. The concept is derived from the fact that whenever you are exposed to excited deals or taste, a real man comes out of you and leaves you uncontrollable. Both of these ads have garnered millions of views on YouTube due to the blend of humor, creativity, reality, direction and messaging.  

Watch the Ad here.

Now, let’s come to our side. I wonder why the creative agencies are so obsessed with India ad industry, that they are not able to come up with a single idea or concept, which has the ingredients to be the case study for college graduates or even professionals. Despite hosting AdAsia and mentoring by top industry leaders, we are still in the same bandwagon.

This might looks like a criticism or negative thought, but one needs to understand that nurturing creativity must be in the soul of the agency. Otherwise, we will be left nowhere.

Hope to see some unique concept, in the future, based on key insights and striking the right cords, grabbing not only the viewer attention but heart as well.

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